Sweet Dreams – Kismet


Michelle, Mercedes and Ally… wow

“Sweet Dreams”, is one of the largest projects we’ve ever attempted. Two separate videos AND and an audio component, all designed to help you extend the hypnotic experience into your dreams themselves. Let’s start with our newest hypnotist, Michelle, soft and blue-eyed, she clearly loves hypnotism. She’ll begin with a lovely 9 minute induction using her hands and eyes to take you into a deep and happy trance. After some fascinating deepening, she moves to the spiral and sends you into a state of hypnotic amnesia. A couple of fun suggestions follow and you’ll remember them only when you awaken. After that she begins to program your sub-conscious mind to deliver nightly dreams of hypnosis. Just listen to her mesmerizing voice and be carried away.

Video 2, is desgined to be used right before you are ready to go to sleep and brings two of our favorites together for the first time. Mercedes, returns with a lovely solo induction using her amazing eyes, and Ally follows with her own induction, using the hand-gestures you’ve come to love. Then, they appear together with the famous Kismet pendant, to take you even deeper asleep. After that you will be instructed to get into bed and use the audio file provided. You’ll drift off the sleep listening to Ally and Mercedes as they two program your sub-conscious mind for lucid, hypnotic dreams.

The videos are designed to be used together for maximum effect, though you can enjoy them individually any time you wish. It’s a one-two-three punch that will leave you happy and dreamy for months to come. It’s 2 videos that are 46 minutes long and an audio that is 6 minutes for a total of 52 minutes of hypnotic fun.


NOTE: These are both very large files. Allow some time for the download and use a download manager for good measure. If your connection is a bit slower, it might take a bit, but it’s still infinitely faster than the mail. Moving forward, we are going to be trying to deliver even higher quality video and audio, and the unfortunate downside is larger files. For most, this is no longer an issue, but keep this in mind if your connection is a bit slower.


File Details

Length: 52 Minutes (2 videos 1 audio)| Format: Windows Media Video | Download Size: 2.4 Gigs in TWO zip files(Files are Zipped)

This video will play on both PC and Mac with the Windows Media Player or the FREE VLC Player.


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