Sexual Power Pak – Anabelle Katz


This program Ego Boosting/Power Building Combo is the force every man needs to build his confidence and sexual presence.  This pak includes:

Have you ever heard of sexual transmutation? The art of sexual transmutation allows you to use that nuclear power within you to achieve that which you desire. Sex is a sacred power and you can use it to enhance your life. Sex is also a sacred force and it is one of the most powerful desires of human nature. The transmutation of sexual energy is all about redirecting your sexual energy and focusing it on that which you desire. Sexual Transmutation is Dr. Annabelle Katz’s specialty and she uses it to help you achieve your dreams and goals.

The world is built around our desires. It doesn’t matter if you desire riches, prosperity, confidence, peace or love, redirecting your sexual energy towards your dreams and goals can completely transform your life. This incredible session uses the power of sexual transmutation to achieve a super ego boost. Having a healthy ego can help you succeed in every area of life.

It’s easy to be super confident when you let Kat, the meme of sexual therapy into your bedroom. This session is completely unique in that it helps you realize your true potential. Not only do you get a super ego boost to enhance that fantastic ego of yours, you get it with that special touch that only Kat can give you.

What it is you want, need or desire? Do you dare dream so big? What if you could use the power of your raw sexual energy to manifest your dreams and goals? What if I told you it’s possible?


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