Presenting Belle – Kismet


Belle is Amazing! It’s almost become a trite expression but in this case, it is more than appropriate. When it comes to fixing your gaze and commanding your attention all while whispering sweet, hypnotic, commands into your mind, Belle, is in a class by herself. We almost called this video “Inductions Part Two” because of the fun and varied ways Belle induces trance. It begins with her eyes. She fixes her stare upon you and in mere moments you will feel the world around you, and any stress that goes with it, just melt away. She is both soft and commanding, a tricky thing to pull-off, but Belle gets it just right.

Next up, she deepens you with her pocket watch, smoothly swaying it back and forth, the rythym is just perfect and so are her suggestions. But wait, there’s more! Next she dances your mind even deeper into trance. The gently rocking of her hips and her hands is something you have to see to believe. Can you possibly go deeper? In her fourth deepening, she uses her legs and toes as a focus for yet another induction AND a fun suggestion or two.

Let’s recap… Eyes… Legs… Toes… Hips… Watch…


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