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Enjoy many of Nikki’s latest all in one download.
This session is called Backroom because I have decided to release a session that, at one time, was meant just for My boy. As I listened to it the other day it came to me that others… like yourself.. might just enjoy a peek into HIS playground…
Do not listen if sexually explict material is offensive to you.
Do not listen if you do not want to be encouraged to worship “your” Mistress’s ALTAR… pussy.
Do not listen unless you find the thought of being a pussy worshiping whore… HOT 😉
Even the things we enjoy can sometimes become a burden on our daily lives. This session helps you achieve a BALANCE between your “Fetish Play” and real life. Not meant for those of you who want to be completely lost and have no responsibility. The great news is that this session makes the time you spend on your favorite fetish even MORE enjoyable… Quality, not quantity is sometimes the key 😉
A fun quickie … 20 minutes.

Have you ever thought what it might be like to have a private phone trance with Me? Well… there are times I might just fuck with you and there are times I might have you fuck with yourself 😉 XXX graphic language, participation required.

Masturbation Mandatory in this one…

The name says it all…or does it? Do you really think it is that easy for Nikki to lose the grip on your subconsious mind? Find out just how EASILY it all cums back…. Anyone can listen to this file but is meant as a refresher for Nikki’s playthings. Be prepared to want to listen to another session when this one is complete.

In Classic Nikki style you will be taken to a place where you can feel what is like to be under the bilssful spell of a Dominant Woman. You will be given a trigger that can be used to help you realize just how much you want to totally ABANDON all resistance. Anyone can listen to this file, mild erotic sexual content. Suitable to male or female subjects.

This session is suitable for both male or female subjects (or even someone in between). Go ahead and try to tell yourself that a non explicit session can’t be intimate and erotic. This session is intended to do one thing… MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER… and you will. Nikki takes you on an erotic journey into her playground where you will help her take yourself into a mindless infinite trance state. Whatever you determine your pleasure to be, you WILL feel it.. you have no choice. It is your decision, go ahead… try and resist 😉


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