Deep-Drowsy-Delirious – Kismet


Ally has returned in her first video since February, and it’s such a pleasure to have her back.

All the things you love about her are fully on display here, her amazing eyes… her hypnotic hands… and her heart-stopping, seductive voice… plus a few other surprises that you’re sure to enjoy.

This one focuses very strongly on the induction itself and Ally employs quite a few items from her bag-of-tricks. She uses her eyes and a pendant, and even her swinging foot as a point of focus, to take you deep into a blanket of slumber. In her hands, hypnosis becomes truly amazing.

Her power cannot be denied as she has you focus on the word, “hypnotized” and how it makes you feel From there she blanks your mind and causes you to focus only on that feeling to the exclusion of everything else. It’s a remarkable sensation and on that you are sure to recall many days later. This lady knows how to leave you feeling, deep… drowsy… and delirious.

If you remember that last video was shortened by some tech problems, so we have more than made up for it here because this video is over 32 minutes long. It’s crystal clear and a full 1280 X 720. You will love how this on looks and sounds.


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