Control 5 (Stages) – Nikki Fatale

Suggested Price: $26.95

You MUST experience the first FOUR CONTROL sessions before experiencing this Session.

Control V Stages:

This session leaves off where “HELPLESS”  keeps you hanging (excuse the pun)

Stages will take you deep into levels of Control that you can only experience when you are fully programed by the previous CONTROL sessions.

Following where Control IV left you hanging so to speak, Stages takes you on a journey down to progressively deeper levels of hypnotic control. Only those who have allowed themselves to be fully programmed by the rest of the Control series are prepared to take this hour-long journey down to the deepest levels of hypnotic control. Listen to this session when you can find a private time to devote to it your complete and undivided attention.

Minimum Price: $7.95



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