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Here’s our latest video along with some bonus footage. Enya is our newest spell-caster and she’ll have you soaring into a trance in record time. Although her voice never rises above a whisper she speaks with great power. It creates a very intimate feeling, like she’s right there with you. I still don’t know quite what to think of her, she conveys a sexy innocence but steeped in the desire to control you. She can go from sweet to rather demanding in the-blink-of-an-eye. It’s a fascinating combination and honestly I’m not sure I’ve ever seen those two things work so well together. This video uses Hands, Spirals and Eyes along with some fun freezing magic that will keep you bewitched throughout. Because of the soft yet powerful nature of her whispers, this is a perfect video for all the ASMR fans, there is plenty of deep hypnotic tingling to be felt in this session.

The bonus feature is a look at how the same material can be different in the hands of each girl who approaches it. Whereas Enya is a sensual gypsy girl, Thalia is more like that sexy little brat next door. We originally shot this same video a few weeks ago, but all the elements didn’t come together exactly as I had hoped. The hypnotist, Thalia, is fantastic, the issues were strictly with the way we shot the video. These videos are hand-made items and things do happen, as I’m sure you know we have lots of footage that no one has ever seen simply because it wasn’t quite up to standards. There are some wonderful moments from this particular shoot and Thalia is so darned cute that I wanted you to see her. She will be featured in her own video very soon, but consider this your first introduction.


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