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Do not let Nika Rennault fool you with Breathe for Me. What starts as a nice relaxing session in breathing soon turns into a more suggestive session in positivity and arousal.  Just listen and you will be hooked.. guaranteed!

14 reviews for Breathe For Me – Nika Rennault

  1. Chaz

    This session amazed me. I expected a relaxing non-sexual session but wow, was I wrong. I like the good intentions of the session and I can fully relate to what she tries to accomplish in this session.

    Her sweet voice, her descriptions, her suggestions… It is all amazing! I am still buzzing all over.

    I consider Breathe for Me one of the best sessions as of this date. (not that any of the other sessions are bad!)

  2. gronk47 (verified owner)

    I just finished Nika’s latest and best session and my feelings are hard to express. As I was listening I could feel how much I wanted Nika to increase her influence over my mind. I craved to continue on this journey with her in any direction she chooses. The tingling my body experienced was something new, arousing and addictive.

    Nika’s sensuous voice in now something that causes instant excitement within me…. something that I know will have the same effect on all who choose to listen.

    Be aware …. once you listen you will long to be part of her Inner Circle. ( From one who knows!)

  3. PeterD (verified owner)

    Nika takes you on a journey to a place so relaxing and so intimate that you will feel her presents like never before. It feels so real.

    Her beautiful words, her beautiful voice and her beautiful spirit will make you to never want the session to end.

    Nika is a Goddess. A session you must have and listen to over and over.

  4. tspalmer04 (verified owner)

    Wow, what a great session!

    Nika’s beautiful voice, her pacing, her wording, and even the background behind her make this a very relaxing and powerful session. Listening again and again is exactly what you will want to do.

    Goddess has really put together a session that really covers everything I was looking for and is a great addition for Her Inner Circle.

  5. rob (verified owner)

    This seemingly innocent session is actually remarkably powerful, Nika has me well and truly hooked and I cant wait for more!

    Its hard not find the post hypnotic suggestions built into this session irresistible, I am almost ashamed at how easy it was for Nika to get inside my mind 🙂

    Putty in her hands now, recommended for those who enjoy thinking about their hypno goddess all the time!

  6. Ar Jay (verified owner)

    What a great session!
    Goddess Nika’s voice is so sweet and caring. Everything she does for this is so amazing, calming and exciting at the same time.
    This is a session you’ll want to listen to over and over again.

  7. andrmar (verified owner)

    I fully agree with what was written in the previous comments, apparently this is a relaxing, innocent session, but you shouldn’t stop at the first appearance , this session has a thin layer of seduction nonetheless …

  8. kerouac4152 (verified owner)

    I listened sitting instead of laying down. It was a cool relaxing perspective. Went for a run afterward with Nika still in my mind. A very pleasurable trip indeed.

  9. jacobperez1 (verified owner)

    This is a trainer file, and if you are unsure of Nika this file is a good one to start with. It primarily relaxes you and teaches you how to get into a calm mindset while encouraging a connection between you and Nika. This file caught me by surprise with how easily it took me under without me noticing it.

  10. c.r.ainsworth (verified owner)

    This is another fantastic session from Goddess Nika, this session takes you deep into a nice relaxing trance and gives you a new simple way to feel pleasure for Goddess Nika.

  11. zillah628 (verified owner)

    I found Breathe For Me to be very relaxing and yet so very sensual. Nika’s voice and delivery is so calming that I found myself relaxed from the onset but the more I got into this session the more and more aroused I became. Needless to say when it was all said and done I found myself craving Nika’s voice more and more. This is one really awesome file and as with all of the Hypnofantasy recordings, professionally done and of high quality. I can hardly wait to hear what Nika has in store for us next.

  12. quipu_bre (verified owner)

    Where other Nika files are centric to submissive behavior with all gender female — this is Nika centric — providing the psychological foundation of being submissively pleasing enough to be part of her ‘Inner Circle’.
    Guided ‘trance imagery’quite different from other Nika sessions and very effective.

  13. Dave (verified owner)

    I cannot stress how good this file actually is! From the very first second I was instantly drawn into Goddess Nika’s soothing, sensual, sexy voice! I felt very relaxed the whole time I was listening, and my arousal by the end of it was so intense that I had to listen again! I didn’t want the file to end, I just wanted to breathe more for Goddess. As previous reviews have suggested it is an innocent file designed to be not so innocent! Another brilliant and seductive piece of work by Goddess, can’t wait til the next one!

  14. Clark Mann (verified owner)

    This relatively short session has a lot to recommend it. I enjoyed the countdown from 10, where Nika alternately takes you into trance, while stripping you of your self-will and ability to resist her. Hot! What is also a pleasant surprise, and a curious twist, is that she gives you the equivalent of a hypnotic “girlfriend” experience once she has counted you down.

    It is a loving, caring feeling that she expresses, that extends into the later content of this session. You are guided into a place where she instructs you, “for us”, to be a better person – followed by more deepening and positive affirmations about yourself.

    Nika goes on to connect you with your humanity, before turning back to affirmations of your innate “goodness” (for lack of a better word). Seduction and more deepening follow. Once she has you under her spell comes the very personal feeling sexual seduction, messages of arousal and her having you have her voice and words becoming your thoughts. Delightful.

    More directly stated – arousal-inducing words follow, along with a gently put talk track that binds you to her hypnosis of you – and to her! Then, when she has you ready, meaning helplessly under her spell, there is the suggestion she plants in your mind that you will have to discover for yourself. *S* Sorry: no spoilers here.

    Largely, this is a “feel good” trance: very positive, very reassuring of who you are – but the Hypno-Domme is in there, making adjustments to your mind to make you more vulnerable to her and her hypnosis of you, and addicting you to it! Just what a hypno-fetishist lives for!

    Nika finishes with clouding your memory of the content of the session and leaving you with raw sexual arousal for her in place of your (now missing) memories. My only lament here is for how short the session – and induction – is. This session left me wanting… more.

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