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Have you imagined a time when you could just be alone with a beautiful woman as she beckons you to gaze into her eyes? And what if this lovely woman could send her hypnotic thoughts directly into your mind? Wouldn’t you be utterly captivated by such an encounter? That’s the idea behind our latest video, “An Invitation to Stare”

Honestly, capturing a woman’s eyes in all their beauty has been difficult to do on video. In the past, either the file size and compression was to small to get a good image, or the fixed lenses of video camera’s either forced you too close or too far away. I think at last though, we developed an image that does justice to the incredible, magical eyes of our hypnotist. Take a look at the preview and decide for yourself, I don’t think there is a hypnosis video anywhere with this level of detail in the eyes. (make sure to watch it in full sceen with the highest quality to get the full effect!)

The purpose of the video is simple, it takes you on a journey into hypnotic sleep, using only her eyes, hands and the softly enchanting voice of Hypnofantasy’s, Sidney Chalmers. The combination is powerful and the effect is easy to experience, simply surrender to her gaze and let Sydney’s voice, carry you away. After just a few minutes, you will find yourself mesmerized by her dazzling blue eyes, and in your sleepy haze she will guide you all the way down, with her beautiful hypnotic hands. This is a treat for the senses and one we think you will be able to enjoy, over and over again.

Ask yourself this question, is there anything more beautiful, than a pair a large, deep, hypnotic eyes?


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